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United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an elective monarchy formed from a federation of seven emirates. The area which is today the UAE has been inhabited for over 125,000 years. It has been the crossroads of trading for many civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Persia, and India. The UAE has the most diversified economy among the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. And the country has become less reliant on oil and gas and is economically focusing on tourism and business. 


Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Established in the 18th century as a small fishing village, the city grew rapidly in the early 21st century with a focus on tourism and luxury, having the second most five-star hotels in the world, and the tallest building in the world.

University of Dubai

The University of Dubai is one of the best accredited universities in UAE. It was established in 1997 by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry the programs have been accredited by the Ministry of Education in the UAE as well as by the best international accreditation bodies in the world. 

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Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights

What to expect:

  • University/Government Visit

  • Lessons

  • Workshops

  • Study Tours

  • Teamwork Course

  • Leadership Training

  • Cultural Immersion

What to do after AYLEP:

  • Experience the capital of UAE - Abu Dhabi

  • Have fun at Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world

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